Qasr al-Amir Bashtak
Cairo, Egypt

The Palace of Amir Bashtak was built by Amir Bashtak al-Nasiri, one of al-Nasir Muhammad's close khassakiya amirs and his son-in-law, in 1334-39 on the site of the Fatimid Eastern Palace (al-Qasr al-Sharqi).

It remains nearly complete in its original form, with two stories, qa'a, a small courtyard, and integrated stables which have a special gate opening onto a side street. The long facade was endowed with many windows opening onto the busiest street in medieval Cairo.


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Shari' al-Mu'izz li-Din Allah, Cairo, Egypt
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1334-1339/734-740 AH
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Amir Bashtak Palace
Palace of Amir Bashtak
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