Qasaba Radwan Bey
Cairo, Egypt
Radwan was a Mamluk bey and the leader of a faction known as the Faqariya, and dominated political life in Cairo from 1631-1656. Built in the mid-seventeenth century, his qasaba sits just outside and opposite Bab Zuwayla and is the last surviving covered street in Cairo. It is popularly known as al-Khayamiya, or the Tentmakers' Bazaar, and was originally built for shoemakers. There are shops at street level with double-height residential units cantilevered over the shops, covered by a wooden ceiling pierced with skylights. On the eastern side, there is a small zawiya built into the plan at ground level, and a separately accessed residential block.

Partial restoration of the upper portions of the western side was completed by the Supreme Council of Antiquities in 2003, and renovation of dwelling units on the eastern side took place in 2004.


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Bab Zuwayla, Cairo, Egypt
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ca. 1650/1059-1060 AH
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Qasaba Radwan Bey
Qasaba of Ridwan Bey
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