High Institute of Marine Research
Latakia, Syria
The pyramidal form was chosen as an organisational and aesthetic response to the needs of the research center and as an effort to define a contemporary architecture appropriate to Syria. Its structural stability was a solution to the problem of strong coastal windstorms. The trapezoidal structural walls are intended to echo the rhythm of sails on the sea. The interior court serves organisational, social, and climatic functions. The upper galeries surrounding it provide access and maintain visual continuity and diversity. Except in the laboratories where strict control is required, natural ventilation circulates freely through the central court and penetrates and flanking spaces. The exposed concrete structural members are coated with a transparent protection against humidity. Infill material is plastered and painted as are the ceiling slabs in all but the entry hall and court, which are faced in decorative concrete.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Latakia, Syria
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Associated Names
1980/1400 AH
Variant Names
Marine Higher Research Center
Marine Research Center
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