Yapi Merkezi Headquarters Building
Istanbul, Turkey
The 860 m2, three-storey HQ is situated in the Istanbul suburb of Camlica. On the 1875 m2 building site, the edifice is sited to the south, close to the road. The building is comprised of basement, ground and first floor. The ground floor consists of an entrance hall, and stairway. Beyond, a central waiting hall and corridor provide access to the surrounding offices. The basement comprises a central hall surrounded by an exhibiton gallery for the permanent photographic display of Sinan's buildings, in addition to the laboratory, archives, service, and cafeteria rooms. The first floor central hall is surmounted by a skylight. Surrounding areas include conference, office, secretary, archieve, and lavatory rooms. The structural system is conventional reinforced concrete on the basement and ground floor. The roof and first floor are steel structures.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Istanbul, Turkey
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Yapi Merkezi
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