Khan al-Tamathili
Tripoli, Lebanon
Khan al-Tamthili has a large arched entance portal made of stones of alternate black and white colors (Ablaq style). The gate is covered with plates of iron fixed by large nails. The hall of the khan has a water pool at the center. A statue which was at the center of the pool was stolen during the war-time in the 1980s.

The khan has two storeys. The first storey is composed of 30 rooms with arches in the ceilings of every room; the decorations of the four corners of this storey are in a very good condition. The second storey is made up of 44 rooms. In total, the khan has 34 arches.

The khan was first used as a hotel to host negotiators and visitors of the city. While a municipal decree (4/4/1979) porposes the restoration of the khan, and proposes to transform it into a hotel and artisanat complex, the khan and its surrounding area are presently in very bad condition.


Tadmouri, Omar. "Tamathili Khan." Tripoli City Website. [Accessed April 18, 2006]
Hayy Mina, Tripoli, Lebanon
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1316-41/715-41 AH
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Tamathili Khan
Khan al-Tamathili
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