Afsarwala Mosque
Delhi, India
The Asfarwala mosque lies southwest of the tomb of Humayun and northwest of the Arab Serai neighborhood, in eastern Delhi. This is a trmukhi mosque, distinguished by three arches on the main facade, and standing on a plinth. It shares a platform with the Afsarwala Tomb (c.1566), which it predates, and is considered a 'funerary' mosque, standing in what is sometimes described as the 'grand necropolis' of Delhi.

The 3 broad arches on the facade are built in plastered-over rubble. The interior bears stucco decoration, with incised medallions, some of them painted. A single dome, square in plan, rests on an octagonal drum. It is decorated in red paint.


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Delhi, India
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c. 1530
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