Rashid Hospital
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
A modern health service facility with in-and out-patient services, an extensive maternity center, and training facilities for medical personnel. Residential accomodations for the 500 member staff are also provided.

Dubai is a rapidly growing city of 250,000 on flat, sandy land. The site is 35 hectares of low lying land, raised 3m with infill dredged from a nearby creek. Landscaping and recreational facilities are included as part of the site development.

The project consists of an L-shaped central building and separate housing quarters. The central block contains:
-393 bed in-patient ward maternity center;
-treatment diagnostic, and operating theatres; -medical training school;
-outpatient clinic, offices, dining facilities, and a work and services plant.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Rashid Hospital
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