National Bank of Dubai
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
A branch banking facility, this waterfront structure on a limited site serves the residents living on one bank of the river that divides the capital city. The cashiers' booths, tellers' counters and the public lobby area are located directly beyond the entry; the upper floor is reserved for offices, a staff lobby and facilities, and a roof terrace.

The compact volume covers the small rectangular site. The facades recede from the structural pillars; the cantilevered 1st floor balcony shades the ground floor and is screened with bronze sunshades recalling claustra. The modular rhythms expressed by the wall openings are thought to be reminiscent of neighbouring, traditional buildings. The entry protrudes from the main volume in a tower-like volume echoing traditional wind towers.

An elaborate concrete floor foundation was designed to prevent building movement toward the river; the principal structure is a re-inforced concrete frame, and concrete floor and roof slabs. Concrete block rendered in Tyrolean, is used for infill. The facility is fully air-conditioned.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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National Bank of Dubai
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