Alami House
Fes, Morocco
The residence known as the Dar al-Alami was built in the 17th-18th century in the Guerniz area of Fez by the wealthy Buhlal family.

Its cruciform plan is centered around a simple courtyard paved with polychrome tiles and surrounded by rooms on two stories. The tiled ground floor rooms open onto the courtyard which contains a fountain and shaded sitting areas.

In the 19th century the masriyyah, an adjunct independent living quarter, was added to house honorable guests and/or the elder sons before their marriage. The unit has an independent access to the street but also communicates with the courtyard.

Revault et al. 1989. Palais et Demeures de Fes. Paris: Edition du Centre national de la Recherche Scientifique.
Derb Guerniz, Fes, Morocco
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Dar al-Alami
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