Northern Shore Development
Sidi Krier, Egypt
"The design for a development scheme was requested by the Planning Commission for the Development of Sidi Krier, on the Mediterranean shore of Egypt, after several members of the commission saw the architect's own house nearby. The development was to be a tourist resort facility, using stylistic features of Fathy's house.

The house itself is a delight, and a constant source of experimentation for the architect, who was always changing parts of it. The roof of the house is treated as an outside room, open to the sea air and view; a patio faces the water on the ground floor below. These features were revised over the course of time." (house constructed, scheme designed)


Steele, James. 1997. An Architecture for People: The Complete Works of Hassan Fathy. London, United Kingdom: Thames and Hudson.
Sidi Krier, Egypt
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Centre for the Development of the Northern Shore at Sidi Krier
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