High Institute for Popular Arts
Aswan, Egypt
"The High Institute of Social Anthropology and Folk Art, which is one of the most ambitious of all of the projects designed in Egypt during [Fathy's] Greek period, unquestionably confirms his dedication to natural systems and vernacular forms, and was intended to present a synthesis of Egyptian cultural history in a single place. The Institute, which was commissioned by the Ministry of Culture, was seen as a potential arena in which to emphasize the most glorious architectural periods in the nation's history through the replication of many of its most famous monuments. These models were meant to be set amongst modern facilities such as concert halls, museums and galleries for the performance of music and dance and the display of Egyptian art."


Steele, James. 1989. The Hassan Fathy Collection. A Catalogue of Visual Documents at the Aga Khan Award for Architecture. Bern, Switzerland: The Aga Khan Trust for Culture. 47.
Abou Al-Riche, Aswan, Egypt
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The High Institute of Social Anthropology and Folk Art
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