Casaroni House
Giza, Egypt
"The Casaroni residence, or "Mit Rehan" ['Pathway of the Basil'] as it has been called by its owners, is very near the Greiss house on the Shabramant Road, and is one of the most elegant of Fathy's residential works yet to be built. Construction was once again overseen by the client rather than the architect, more specifically by Mahmood Fahmy, who saw to its timely completion. In the interim, Fahmy was also able to cooperate with the architect in solving several special problems. One of the most fascinating of these was finding a natural way of sealing the Fayum limestone that was used by coating it with boiled oil from the Helba plant so that the soft yellow colour of the stone would not change. The house as built is quite different from the final documents, with a first floor added over one entire portion during the course of construction because of the client's wish for more space. Most recently, further changes have been made, which have significantly altered the character of a delightful south facing terrace and taktaboosh, as well as the interior quality of many of the rooms." (constructed)


Steele, James. 1989. The Hassan Fathy Collection. A Catalogue of Visual Documents at the Aga Khan Award for Architecture. Bern, Switzerland: The Aga Khan Trust for Culture, 84.
Mit Rihan, Saqqara Road, Shabramant Neighborhood, Giza, Egypt
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Mit Rehan
Met Rehan
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