Minar-e Pakistan
Lahore, Pakistan
The Minar-e-Pakistan or "Pakistan Day Memorial" has been erected as a monument in commemoration of the Lahore Resolution in Iqbal Park. This is the site where in 1940 the Muslim League held its historic 34th annual session and demanded a separate homeland for Muslims.

The base of the tower is raised approximately 4m. from the ground. It rises up to approximately 13m. forming a sculpted, flower-like base. From this point it tapers as it rises. The base platform is shaped like a 5-point star and it encloses crescent shaped pools.

The overall height of the monument is approximately 60m. It is constructed in re-inforced concrete, all poured in-situ. The floors and walls are rendered in stone and marble.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Lahore, Pakistan
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