Warris Shah Mausoleum
Jandiala Sherkhan, Pakistan
A mausoleum in memory of the celebrated Punjabi poet Hazrat Warns Shah and an open-air theatre. The building site consists of two parts divided by a road. On the west side of the road a 24x24 m. raised platform upon which the mausoleum is built is located in the center of a square 83x83 m. site . On the east side an open air theatre is situated on a smaller site.

In 1975, during the regime of the People's Party , the residents of this area demanded that the birth place of the poet be preserved and a cultural complex be constructed in his memory. Under public pressure the government consented and in collaboration with an appointed committee developed the mausoleum and theatre programme.

The large square site surrounding the mausoleum is circumscribed by large thick walls on all four sides. Access from the road to this park-like area is gained through a main entrance in the middle of the east wall; entrances are also located in the middle of the other three walls. To one side of the mausoleum is a cemetery.

The mausoleum is built on a raised platform. Stairs decorated with a leaf motif lead up from the ground level on each side. The square site the organization of the entrances and stairs in addition to the position and design of the mausoleum produce a symmetrical site and building plan The mausoleum is an octagonal structure, surmounted by a large dome and surrounded by a square-plan arcade.

The open-air theatre is situated across the road and opposite the main entrance. The theatre consists of a rectangular stage and service area including two rooms and a covered terrace to accommodate the orchestra. Open-air seating is organized on either side of a central aisle perpendicular to the stage area.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Jandiala Sherkhan, Pakistan
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