Madfan Hassanein
Cairo, Egypt
"Commissioned by a grateful government as a memorial to a respected advisor, this mausoleum still stands alongside Salah Salem Street at the outer fringe of the 'City of the Dead' outside Cairo. Fathy, who was Ahmad Hassanein's brother-in-law, followed the intent of that commission and designed it in the style of the Mamluk mausoleums between the twelfth and fifteenth centuries, adding a delicate, double-gated garden as a forecourt that has unfortunately not remained intact." (constructed)


Steele, James. 1997. An Architecture for People: The Complete Works of Hassan Fathy. London, United Kingdom: Thames and Hudson.
Shari' Salah Salem, Cairo, Egypt
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1946/1365 AH
Variant Names
Hassanein Mausoleum
Qubbat Hassanein
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