Agra Darwazah
Fatehpur Sikri, India
Following the general pattern of medieval Indian towns, embattlements approximately 6 km long enclose the Fatehpur Sikri palace complex from north to southwest. The western side was protected by an artificial lake. A path ca. 2.5 meters wide inside the wall allowed bowmen and guards to pass.

The Agra Darwazah or "Akbarabad" gate takes its name from the road to Agra that led out through this gate. It is in a better state of repair than the other gates. Its archway opens into a domed hall flanked by deep apses covered by semi-domes and faced with stucco.


Rizvi, Saiyid Athar Abbas. Fathpur-Sikri. Bombay: D. B. Taraporevala Sons, 1975.
Fatehpur Sikri, India
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1572-1585/980-993 AH
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Agra Darwaza
Agra Gate
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