Hammam and Abdar Khana
Fatehpur Sikri, India
Along the east wall of the Daulat Khana, just outside the southwest corner of the Diwan-i 'Am court, is a small, elegant bathhouse.

Its current entrance is via a small doorway located to the right of its original arched opening. The later exterior masonry work covering the lower portion of the original entrance arch extends throughout the site, complicating interpretation on the basis of architectural evidence. Considerable conservation and restoration work was done between 1899-1905 under Lord Curzon, and understanding the exact role of this project will prove valuable, furthering scholarship on the site.

Looking into the doorway, one sees directly into the far reaches of the bath. The original entrance led to a vestibule, from which the private areas of the bath were not visible.


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Fatehpur Sikri, India
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1572-1585/980-993 AH
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Diwan-i 'Amm Hammam
Diwan-i-Am Baths
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