Rajashahi Children's Village
Rajshahi, Bangladesh
The complex seeks to provide a permanent home for 150 children, orphans whose ages range from the newly born to the teens. The objectives of the SOS Village International organization are based on the concept of an "extended family" integrated into the local environment, both physically and culturally; the project was required to reflect these ideas.

A private, Austrian, social-welfare organisation, SOS Children's Villages provide permanent homes for orphan children worldwide. Each village consists of 15 to 20 families: a group of 6 to 8 boys and girls are raised as brothers and sisters in a home of their own. The head of each family is an SOS mother; each village is supervised by an SOS director.

The village consists of 25 single-storey buildings: 15 family houses the director's residence, a guest house, multi-purpose hall, an administration building, and five staff houses and workshop. Three groups of 5 family houses are clustered around central yards The houses are inspired by rural Bangladeshi forms, determined principally by climatic factors. Sloping roofs are projected for rain and sun protection, and the plan organisation and fenestration scheme provide cross-ventilation.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Rajshahi, Bangladesh
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Rajashahi Children's Village
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