Cultural Centre of Garagus
Qina, Egypt
"At the same time as he designed the Garagus ceramic production facility, Fathy also provided the Jesuit mission in Egypt with plans for a Cultural and Health Centre for this small village in Qena Province, made up of a church, crafts school, and clinic. Each of these three elements in turn are grouped in individual clusters around an open court, and linked by a wall that is provided with a main gate and side gate for access into the compound. The church is grouped with the church school area, and an assembly room, while the crafts school on the opposite side of the court consists mainly of classrooms for teaching weaving, and a large workshop. Rounded walls and curved forms predominate in this unusual scheme." (construction not verified)


Steele, James. 1997. An Architecture for People: The Complete Works of Hassan Fathy. London, United Kingdom: Thames and Hudson.
Garagus Village, Qina, Egypt
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