Dar Roshdi Sa'id H
Cairo, Egypt
"This residence on a lot on Street 12 in Maadi is notable in several respects, not the least of which is a studious attempt by the architect to continue to use domed and vaulted roof forms, but to play them down on the exterior in favour of more rectilinear elements. Given the rather conservative architectural character of the area concerned, this may have been done in deference to the client's request, as the partial screening and concealment of all curved lined in the elavation certainly appears to be intentional.

The second notable detail is the use of relieving arches to carry a second floor, a technique which Fathy first observed at the Deir al-Samaan (St Simeon Monastery) in Aswan, built between the seventh and tenth centuries AD. Similar arches are used in the refectory there, to carry the floor of the monks' dormitory above.

Thirdly, the Said house uses baratsi trusses extensively, and is one of the architect's rare projects in Egypt to do so." (construction not verified)


Steele, James. 1997. An Architecture for People: The Complete Works of Hassan Fathy. London, United Kingdom: Thames and Hudson.
Shari' 12 wa-Tom Deel, Ma'adi, Cairo, Egypt
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1965/1384 AH
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Roshdi Said House
Dar al-Duktur Rushdi Sa'id
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