Librarian's School
Dakar, Senegal
Classrooms, offices, and a lecture hall and multi-purpose room serve the University of Dakar's School for Librarians and Documentation. The school for librarians forms part of the University of Dakar campus-located some distance from the city center.

Two buildings of equal size are sited on a parallel axis; a pond is located between them. The buildings were arranged on the site to preserve as many existing trees as possible. Access to the first building leads into a central hall. This building houses administrative and professor's offices on the lower floor and eight classrooms on the upper floor. The second building houses a library and multipurpose room on the double-heighted ground floor; only the library is air-conditioned.

The re-inforced concrete frame supports steel roof trusses; infill is hollow brick. The façades are rendered in relief brickwork alternating with
concrete panels rendered in seashells.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Dakar, Senegal
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