Hotel Almadies
Dakar, Senegal
A holiday hotel to house middle and high income visitors. The complex is organised on a tentaculate plan, and the successive volumes emerge progressively to follow the peninsular contours the most prominent volume houses the commual activities and is a four-storey structure reached on foot only by the many winding stairs; due to the topographic shifts, this building undergoes temporary maskings, and its exterior aspect is varied and changing.

A covered passage leads to the main entry and reception hall, intended as quiet and welcoming; the center of activity is a sort of shaded urban locale called "la rue" (the street), filled with small shops the communications and commercial center. This street continues toward the ocean, which is preceded by a free-form pool wherein an artificial island serves as a theatre stage. It is covered with a glass and wooden structure composed of two convex arcs joined to form a tent-like shape.

The 300 guest rooms are organised on a winding spine that emenates from the "la rue" . The rooms, some with living areas , all open to an open area shaded by wooden screens; Six suites are planned as duplex apartments. All utilities and power equipment are grouped along an underground gallery, and service corridors reduce the contact between guests and staff.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Pointe des Almadies, Dakar, Senegal
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Club Club Méditerranée (Club Med) Les Almadies
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