Bussa New Town
New Bussa, Nigeria
The Kainji Resettlement programme was a large project involving the relocation of 42'000 residents, from 192 towns and villages along the banks of the River Niger, due to the construction of a dam serving the hydroelectric plant at Kainji. Started in 1962 and completed 6 years later, the project aimed to provide low cost housing and facilities while still being acceptable to the people.

Divided into 4 groups: urban, semi-urban, semi-rural and rural, 121 new settlements were planned to replace a former total of 192. Those involved were able to select their new sites. The site layout, density, massing and architectural aesthetic of each new settlement was inspired by the settlements' former environments. Each family was provided with a compound of the same size and an equal number of rooms to their previous dwelling (including a reception area, rooms for the family, a kitchen, and WC.).

Consideration was given and research made on the cultural and social characterics of those involved, such that both community and family organisation were respected and maintained. In addition, the design of compounds was such that extensions or modifications could easily be made.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
New Bussa, Nigeria
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