Kanberler School
Bursa, Türkiye
The Kanberler School was commissioned by Sitti Hatun, the daughter of Oruç Bey, at the same time with her mosque with which it shares the forecourt. It consists of two small domed rooms, preceded by a grand entrance crowned with a round arch inscribed in an ogee arch. The decorative nature of the inner arch, made of brick, is emphasized with the raised keystone. Geometric brick patterns above entry arch adorn the entrance.

The construction is two layers of brick to two layers of stone on the walls, three layers of stone underneath the double saw-toothed cornice and a single layer of stone to two or three layers of brick on the drums of domes. The school was restored first in 1969 and is currently in restoration in 2001. The only school remaining of its time, Kanberler is exemplary of brickwork of the period.


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On Deveciler Street, Kanberler neighborhood, Bursa, Türkiye
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Mid 15th century
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Sitti Hatun Mektebi
Kanberler Mektebi
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