Koza Hanı
Bursa, Türkiye
Koza Hanı is a caravanserai located at the center of the old city of Bursa, in the market section between the Ulu Cami and Orhaniye Cami. Ottoman sultan Bayezid II commissioned the construction of the caravanserai in 1490-1491/896 AH to provide income for the sultan's mosque in Istanbul. 

The building is a large rectangle surrounding a central courtyard. The entrance is on the north side of the building and ıakes the form of a large portal. The courtyard is bounded by a two-story arcade that gives onto numerous small, rectangular cells on both floors. At the center of the courtyard, a small octagonal mosque raised above ground level on pillars provides a place of worship clear of the path of pack-animals. 

A second, irregularly shaped courtyard surrounded by double arcades serving as the stables adjoins the main courtyard on the east side.


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Between Uzun Çarsi Street and Orhan Gazi square Çarsi (market area), Bursa, Türkiye
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1490-1491/896 AH
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Koza Hani
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Koza Han
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