Houari Boumedienne Village
Bishar, Algeria
The circular master plan was developed to give strong definition to the barren site. At its center, an open, monumental square is defined by the composition of public buildings: the mosque, post office, shops, public baths, meeting halls etc. Schools and medical facilities are integrated into the housing fabric that extends to the octagonal perimetre inscribed within the surrounding berm.

The house unit is combined in pairs into groups of eight to form neighbourhoods intended to encourage social cohesion. Each one-storey house is square in plan and includes a private, indirect entry , a vestibule, three principal rooms, a kitchen, and toilet. the square centre of each house is an open courtyard. Burned brick is the principal building material, the bearing walls are double. Facades are rendered with a limestone-cement finish and brightly painted.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Bishar, Algeria
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