Melek Ahmet Paşa Camii
Diyarbakir, Turkey

Melek Ahmet Paşa Camii is located in the walled city of Diyarbakır, along the old city’s main east-west arterial route running from Urfa Kapısı toward the city center. It is named after Melek Ahmet Paşa, who was a tax farmer and loom owner in Diyarbakır. The mosque is uninscribed but historians believe it dates to just before its patron’s death in 1591.

The mosque is a rectangular block, longer that it is deep, with a central dome resting on an octagonal drum. The visible north and south facades of the block and the faces of the octagonal drum are dressed with alternating courses of black basalt and white limestone masonry (ablaq). A partly submerged ground floor housing shops elevates the main floor of the mosque above ground level.

Visitors enter through a monumental muqarnas-hooded portal framed by a trefoil arch located off center on the east side of its qibla (south) façade, which abuts the arterial street. The portal opens onto a subterranean corridor that passes under the mosque and leads to a paved, walled forecourt on the mosque’s north side, hidden from the busy traffic of the high street. The mosque’s monumental minaret rises from square plinth in the courtyard’s southwest corner, adjacent to the prayer hall’s main entrance at the top of a flight of stairs leading up from the paved forecourt.

The prayer hall consists of a central domed bay flanked by two side aisled, each three bays long and one bay deep. The central dome rests on four pillars. The transition from square base to dome is made from eight pointed arches surmounted by four squinches. The mihrab has a muqarnas hood and is decorated with tiles. A band of tiles also runs along the perimeter of the hall at the dado level.


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Diyarbakir, Turkey
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1591/999 AH
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Melek Ahmet Paşa Camii
Melek Ahmed Paşa Camii
Melik Ahmed Paşa Camii
Melek Ahmed Paşa Mosque
Melek Ahmed Pasha Mosque
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