Kamil Chadirji House
Baghdad, Iraq
Villa Chadirji is a house that Syrian architect Badri Qadah designed for Kamil Chadirji, a prominent Iraqi politician and father of Rifat Chadirji. The home is located in the A'zamiyya neighborhood of Baghdad, on the east bank of the Tigris. Construction of the house occurred in 1936-1937.

The house, which takes the form of an irregular mass of shapes on its exterior and is characterized by an open, decentralized floor plan on the interior, is one of the earliest examples of a Modernist residence in the city. 


Pieri, Caecilia. Bagdad: La construction d’une capitale moderne (1914-1960), 175. Beirut: Presses de l’ifpo, 2015.

Taha Street, Baghdad, Iraq
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Kamil Jadirji House
Villa Chadirji
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