Martini Residence
Aleppo, Syria
The house is constructed on a 990m2 site in a residential cooperative of Aleppo. The 1100m2, stone, flat-roofed building is a compact volume composed of three floors and a fourth roof-top enclosed seating area. The exterior is characterized by its stone facades, wooden door and window details, and its balconies. The residence accommodates an extended family and therefore is composed of separate apartments with private access to the pool and garden areas along with common areas for family gatherings. The first floor contains of two large apartments on either side of the house. The second floor contains one apartment and a large common area consisting of a main hall, living room, and dining room. The house is constructed limestone bearing walls. Ceilings and roofs are concrete slabs. Exterior balconies are concrete and supported by concrete columns.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Aleppo, Syria
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