Bayt Junblat
Aleppo, Syria

Bayt Junblatt is a historic mansion just north of Bab al-Nasr, one of the gates to the old walled city of Aleppo. The house's namesake is Junblat ibn 'Arbu, who built the house toward the end of the 16th/10th c. AH. 

The house has a large central courtyard with a rectangular fountain at its center. The south side of the courtyard is occupied by a large iwan whose facade rises above the rest of the house. The interior of this iwan is decorated with tile revetments and marble dadoes. A smaller, second story iwan opens onto the north side, accessible via a staircase. The facade of the northern iwan is treated with alternating bands of black and white stone (ablaq).

The home was severely damaged during the Syrian Civil War.


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Aleppo, Syria
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last quarter 16th/10th c. AH
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بيت جنبلاط
Bayt Jumblat
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