Bayt Dallal
Aleppo, Syria
Bayt Dallal is located in the Judayda (Jdeideh) quarter on Sissi Street. It was built in the eighteenth century during the Ottoman rule of Aleppo. The rooms of the house are arranged around a large courtyard with an elevated iwan, a fountain, water tanks, and a stage for musical performances. The garden is planted with lemon and orange trees. The women's quarter, located on the second floor has a large balcony, reception hall and another stage for musicians. 

Since 1921, the house has been used as a private Armenian secondary school (Thaniwiyya Kilikiya).


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Sissi Street, Aleppo, Syria
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18th/12th c. AH
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بيت دلال
Beit Dallal
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