Doha Club
Doha, Qatar
The Doha Club is located on a 4.5 acre site overlooking the sea on the fringe of Doha's residential area. Access to the club is both by water and from the corniche which leads to the town center. The recreation and social center is intended for use by foreign executives and senior government staff.

The entrance and the main hall, all restaurant and sports related services, the dining hall, the double-heighted lounge, and squash courts are located on the ground floor. The library, a television room and a recreation room are located on the upper floor. Rooms for over-night accommodation are located in a semi-detached unit connected by a garden to the main building. The open areas are designed to provide shelter against harsh sunlight: the outdoor bar, near the swimming pool lies under a roof extension, and a pergola partially shades the solarium.

Desert tents and urban bazaars are cited as major references in the building design. A columnar structural system supports the post-stressed reinforced-concrete, waffle roof; façade and interior walls and the upper floor slab are distinct structures within this major one. The concrete walls are painted for finish; ceilings are plastered; floor areas are paved in tiles or carpeted; exterior protrusions of the roof slab are faced in wood slats The facility is completely air-conditioned.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture

This site was demolished at some point between October 2006 and August 2008.
Doha, Qatar
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