Tripoli Grand Hotel
Tripoli, Libya
This six-storey, five-star hotel was built as an important component of a larger project whose aim was to restore the harbour area and the surroundings of the main square of Tripoli. The surrounding buildings are mainly low to middle-rise apartment blocks. It was seen as vital that the hotel should have a scale which would relate to these buildings. The hotel consists of a central core which on the lower levels is surrounded by restaurants, lounges, shops, etc. These generous, arcaded areas extend out from the main building line in such a way that they become more easily accessible. The internal and external public areas are raised above ground level to allow privacy and a full view over the sea. Externally, the facades are largely composed of prefabricated, arched elements. The construction system applied is the reinforced concrete frame made in-situ, designed to withstand earthquake loading. Infill is precast concrete panels and limited block work.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Tripoli, Libya
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