Qubba al-Khadr
The elongated commemorative structure of Qubbat al-Khadr ('The Dome of al-Khadr') stands isolated from any close neighbors on the northwest corner of the Dome of the Rock terrace. Its pointed dome rests on six open arches carried by six tall and slender columns. The direction of prayer, the qibla, is marked by marble paving in the shape of a pointed arc on the ground. The building, which is partly blocked by the wall that supports it from north and west, is elevated about 50cm from terrace level and consequently is not easily accessible.

Al-Khadr (also known as al-Khidr), to whom the building is devoted, is an important figure in the Islamic tradition, mainly in the context of Jerusalem and the Haram. Al-Khadr, who is identified with the Christian St. George, is mentioned in the Koran as the companion of Moses the prophet. He is known to have the merit of protection hence many people pray to him in times of crisis. According to tradition he used to live in Jerusalem and was frequently seen praying at al-Haram al-Sharif.


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Northwest corner of the dome of the Rock terrace, Jerusalem
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Associated Names
unknown, 16th or 19th century
Style Periods
Variant Names
Qubba al-Khadr
Dome of the Khadr
Qubbat al-Khidr
Qubbat al-Khadr
Building Usages
symbolic structure
public monuments