Al-Manhal International College
Amman, Jordan
The 11,000 m2 building site is located in a low density, residential area on the outskirts of Amman and is surrounded by main and secondary streets. The completed kindergarten and primary school comprises two sections. The school is characterized by a spinal pedestrian mall connecting the various courts and pathways. The kindergarten is a cluster of octagonal modules of various heights arranged around a network of courts and walkways. The modules are used to house activity and dining rooms in addition to a kitchen. A central cluster rises to three storeys. The taller, primary school adjacent to the kindergarten rises to four storeys. It contains one main building and a separate library. From the exterior, the kindergarten and primary school are integrated by the consistent use of large circular or semi-circular windows with grills. Reinforced concrete columns, slab, and beam construction construction have been used for the structural system. Exterior façades are of traditional stone.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Amman, Jordan
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Al-Manhal International College
مدرسة المنهل العالمية
al-Manhal International Schools
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