Kaya Hotel
Üçhisar, Turkey
The building is located on a hillside near the village of Uchisar, in the historic area of Cappadocia, in central Turkey. The initial architectural concept involved an organic layout of units following the contours of rock folds, but this was changed to correspond to a more classic approach. In this executed plan, the two-storey hotel was placed parallel to the rock and the rooms were excavated in it. The façade was finished with concrete balconies and a gallery on the roof. The construction was done in load bearing masonry with reinforced concrete roof on the uppermost level. All other floors are load bearing, resulting from direct carving into the stone. All walls and ceilings of rooms were left with a rough surface after excavation.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Üçhisar, Turkey
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Kaya Oteli
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