Aktur Bodrum Holiday Village
Bodrum, Türkiye
The one-to-three storey residences make up the majority of the built space and are located primarily along one side of the complex. They are divided into two groups: single villas, and condominium type apartments. Each group has three different prototypes of various surface and spatial organisations. The different residence types are similar, as they all have white plaster façades, flat roofs, and wooden balustrades. A 1.10x1.10 m module was chosen for the building designs. The smallest independent space is 3.30x3.30 m. The construction system is reinforced concrete cast in-situ. Infill is hollow brick. Interior walls and exterior façades are plastered and white washed.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Bodrum, Türkiye
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Bodrum Aktur Tatil Köyü
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