Tandjun Sari Hotel
Denpasar, Indonesia
The project is a twenty-four unit bungalow beach resort located in Sanur on the southeast coast of Bali. Constructed in phases between 1962 and 1978, the single and two-storey units were inspired by traditional Balinese architecture. The complex was constructed using local building materials such as teak, coral stone, thatch roofing, and bamboo frames, and built by local craftsmen. Some of the structures were purchased, removed from villages, and re-assembled on the hotel site. The guest rooms are housed either in 9 two storey or 15 single level bungalows; the two-storey units contain a private garden and verandah, while the low-level units are more discreet and aim to merge into the surrounding vegetation on the long rectangular site. The strict geometry of the site is contrasted by the informal siting of the bungalows and the meandering pathways which connect the various structures. The public areas, which include: reception hall, restaurant, swimming pool, a bar, and recreational facilities are situated along a central spine near the beach.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Denpasar, Indonesia
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16,800 m²
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