Earthquake Resistant Housing
Tabas, Iran
The architect's proposal for earthquake resistant housing began with the design of several prototypic modules. the modules correspond in dimension and proportion to traditionally structured space. With a set of small building blocks representing the modules, each home owner was given the opportunity to elaborate and finalize the plan of their future house, designating orientation and choice of site. The earthquake resistant structural module proposed for the housing project consists of reinforced concrete frames. The walls are infilled with fired bricks and the module is domed or vaulted. The roofing system selected was a result of the post-earthquake field survey which indicated that only structures with properly proportioned domes and vaults could withstand major seismic shocks.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Tabas, Iran
Variant Names
Earthquake Resistant Housing
Building Usages
housing development
seismic design and construction post-disaster recovery