Jami' Mahmud
Tripoli, Libya
According to the inscription above the main entrance, Mahmud Khaznah Dar constructed the Mahmud Mosque in 1680. It is a mosque with four domes over the sanctuary, supported by arches that all spring from one central column and are supported by projecting pilasters on the outer walls. Each wall has two blind niches, which on the qibla wall contain stained-glass windows. The mosque is decorated in parts with white inscribed tile.

The sanctuary is accessed from a two-story colonnaded courtyard of slender columns and semi-circular arches. To the south is the domed tomb of Mahmud Khaznah Dar, to the north is a cylindrical minaret.


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Shari Jami' Mahmud, Tripoli, Libya
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Associated Names
1680/1090 AH
Variant Names
Mosque of Mahmud
Mahmud Mosque
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