Majadila Mosque
Acre, Israel
The small mosque of al-Majadila was built by the Mamluk Ali Aga, Sultan Sulayman's deputy, whose son, Abdullah Pasha, was appointed as heir to Sultan Sulayman. The mosque was built, in less then two years, opposite and slightly east of Ali-Aga's own house. The majority of the inhabitants who lived in proximity to the mosque originated from the village of Majdal, hence the mosque's name, al-Majadila Mosque ("The mosque of the people of majdal").

The irregular mosque complex contains the prayer hall and two connected additional rooms, all flanking a trapezoid courtyard as well as a minaret facing the street. The courtyard is separated from the street by a high wall, and can be approached by a flight of 6 steps climbing up from the street behind the gate. The prayer hall, domed and square in plan, is preceded by a triple domed arcade and overlooks the courtyard through two windows positioned in its western wall.


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Northwest corner of Old Acre, Acre, Israel
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Majadila Mosque
Jami al-Majdala
al Majadila Mosque
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