Jazzar's Market
Acre, Israel
Al-Jazzar's market is located to the south of al-Jazzar's mosque, forming the south edge of the mosque's courtyard. The market was built during Ahmad al-Jazzar Pasha's rule at the end of the 18th century. At this time the city of Acre benefited from growing commercial activity and from the large-scale construction projects initiated by al-Jazzar Pasha himself. The market is presumably part of this construction effort, which includes some of the finest works of architecture in the area. The market assumes a prominent presence in the city of Acre. Its construction, however, burdened the contemporary inhabitants with exceptionally inflated taxes and cruel use of forced labor. It also obscured further the already scarce traces of the splendorous 13th century crusader city.

The market is in the form of a street covered with a succession of cross vaults and flanked with shops on both sides. Square openings in the ceiling light the space with natural sunlight. The 100m long market contains about 50 vaulted shop units. The shops connect to the street with an arched double doorway, while one unit opens to the street in the form of an iwan and is covered with a dome resting on a pierced drum. Entrances to the market are set in its edges in the western and eastern walls and approximately in the middle of the southern and northern walls (the northern gate leads to the mosque).


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South of al-Jazzar's mosque, Acre, Israel
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