Raml Mosque
Acre, Israel
Al-Raml mosque, built in the year of 1702, was the second mosque to be built in Acre (the first was al-Bahr mosque), to serve the expanding population and a city recovering after a long period of stagnation. The mosque was built on the remains of a Crusader church by Haj Muhammad Abu al-Shaykh Khalil al-Sha'bi. The endowment of the mosque, also known as al-Sha`bi mosque, included the opulent Hammam known as Hammam al-Sha`bi.

The mosque is approached from a covered street that serves today as the central market of Acre. Its irregular courtyard is flanked on the south and east with an L shaped arcade whose eastern wing leads to a domed rectangular prayer hall and to a small minaret.


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East of Old Acre, Marco Polo St., Acre, Israel
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Raml Mosque
Masjid al-Raml
Masjid al-Sha'bi
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