Jami' Siksik
Jaffa, Israel
The Siksik mosque was built in the 1880's in what used to be one of Jaffa's most vibrant areas. This area was located at the end of the road leading from Jerusalem through Ramla and Latrun, to Jaffa. It was a place where travelers found shelter in khans or cheap hotels, and where immigrants coming by sea would find a wagon to carry them to their next destination.

Beyt Eshel Street, where the mosque is located, used to be named on the Siksik family who had many assets in the street and who built the mosque. Today the only remains of the small elegant mosque are a sabil (drinking fountain) in the form of a recessed niche, a cylindrical minaret rising from behind it, and a small vaulted room behind the sabil.


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Shari' Beyt Eshel (Shari' Siksik ), Jaffa, Israel
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1883/1300 AH
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Siksik Mosque
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