Qubba Azdumur
Cairo, Egypt
The tomb of Azdumur was built by a secretary of Sultan al-Ghuri sometime before 1517/922 AH and more closely resembles the form of a zawiya rather than a tomb. It is immediately adjacent to the Tomb of Amir Tarabay al-Sharifi, from which it can be entered by a flight of stairs. The main portal is on the eastern side of the tomb and is square-headed with flat muqarnas decoration. The entrance leads to a double iwan space with two mihrabs. Two cenotaphs in the southern iwans may be later burials. There are remains of residential units on the first floor that provided shelter for women, widows, the homeless, and Sufis. Excavations in 2000 exposed a blocked entrance from a street on the western side of the building, as well as an entrance to a crypt under the northern iwan. The building was restored by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture in 2007.


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Cairo, Egypt
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Associated Names
early 16th century/10th century AH
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Variant Names
Qubba Azdumur
Azdumur Mausoleum
Qubba-Iwan-Sabil of Azdumur
Tomb of Azdumur
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