T.C. Merkez Bankasi Bursa Branch
Bursa, Turkey
On a busy thoroughfare near the center of Bursa, the four-storey building contains public banking facilities and offices on the lower two floors, and apartments for junior and executive banking staff on the upper floors. The rigidly defined concrete frame is exploited to obtain the variety of floor spaces and interior volumes necessary to the dual banking and residential programme. The façades are handled with a similar and sophisticated plasticity in harmony with the domestic and commercial scale of neighbouring buildings
The principal elevation is carefully regulated to temper the harsh sunlight. Large, blind panels screen the banking facilities, and indirect natural lighting to the offices beyond is achieved through glazed recesses. On the ground floor the main entrance is recessed beyond the column line to afford both shade and an entry terrace which leads to public banking facilities located in the doubie-heighted entrance foyer. The roof overhangs the uppermost floor where are provided balconies adjoining each of the one-room flats intended for junior staff.

The rear façade is of a more domestic nature and responds to the residential character of the area it addresses. Apartments for the executive staff, occupying the second and third floors, are on two levels and communicate by means of interior stairs. Each apartment is provided with large balconies on both floors, off the living and bedroom areas. Although zoned for a vehicular road, the street traversing the rear façade is primarily a pedestrian and service throughfare.

A reinforced concrete frame and slab system is employed, with plastered brick infill panels and partitions. Also designed by the architects are the furniture and fittings, although some deviation has been made to their designs for lighting. All building materials are locally produced.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Bursa, Turkey
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T.C. Merkez Bankasi Bursa Branch
T.C. Merkez Bankasi
Bursa Subesi
Bursa Branch Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey
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