Shezan Kohsar Restaurant
Karachi, Pakistan
Located in the old, established residential suburb of Pechs, this former private residence has been remodelled to serve as a restaurant. The residence was converted as a result of a governmental decision, in 1967, to create "Hill Park" on this the highest hilltop of Karachi. The site offers panoramic views over the city of Karachi.

The conversion utilises the original frame structure of the three-bedroom house, and an extension accomodates an indoor dining room, snack bar, kitchen, stores, toilets, and an outdoor eating area. A canopy frame, in the form of a concrete grid, covers the outdoor eating terrace. The frame is cantilevered from four central columns. Each grid module is covered with a timber-slatted pyramid that creates slowly changing shadow patterns during the day and allows hot air to escape at night. Decorative elements in the interior include murals made of discarded wooden blocks used in traditional cloth printing.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Karachi, Pakistan
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Shezan Kohsar Restaurant
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