Kuwait National Assembly
Kuwait City, Kuwait
The two storey complex comprising the National Assembly, ancillary offices and reception halls, is square in plan and based on a 5x5m grid. Offices are arranged in modules of 20x20m, with open central courtyards and separated from other office modules by a 5m corridor. This compact structure is crossed by a 12.5m wide central walkway leading to the main entrance, which stands under a high monumental canopy of 3000 m2 that also covers a public square. Office modules can be added on three-sides of the building and all the public spaces such as reception halls are arranged perpendicularly to the central walkway, on the bay side of the building. The flat roof is dotted with skylights in the form of the half-barrel vaults providing natural lights to corridors, as well as the library and cafeteria modules that do not have their own courtyard.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Kuwait City, Kuwait
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مجلس الأمة الكويتي
Majlis al-ʾUmma al-Kuwaytiyy
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