Khan Jaqmaq
Damascus, Syria
Khan Jaqmaq is located in the old city of Damascus at the intersection of Suq Midhat Pasha, known also as the "straight street" being the old Roman Decumanus, and Suq Bab al-Barid. It was built between 1419 and 1420, by Mamluk Prince Sayf al-Din Jaqmaq al-Argunsawi, governor of Damascus between 1418 and 1420.

Khan Jaqmaq is a rectangular structure on two floors, accessed from Suq Midhat Pasha by a monumental portal situated on its south façade. This portal is the oldest khan entrance in Damascus. On the east façade giving onto Suq Bab al-Barid and on the south façade flanking the portal are a series of shops of different sizes. Two shops are built into the gateway, which also has a single flight of stairs leading to the second floor. The gateway leads to the open-air courtyard, surrounded by shops on four sides, with a small fountain at the center. The second floor is composed of several rooms organized around a peripheral gallery, protected bordered by a wrought iron balustrade.

As it stands today, Khan Jaqmaq is occupied by a small family-run enterprise producing silk and clothes.


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Shari' Suq al-Tawil, Suq Midhat Pasha, Damascus, Syria
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1419-1420/822 AH
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خان جقمق
Khan Djaqmaq
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