Town Hall Complex
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The project consists of two different entities linked by a covered plaza. Each volume contains a specific function. A seven-storey block, L-shaped in plan, houses offices. The extremities of the two wings are connected at the uppermost level by a bridge, which completes the square formed by the office wings. The intersection of the corridor wings is supported by a multi-faceted pier. The external facades are characterized by few and small window openings.

The second mass, essentially contained within the former, consists of a sculptural group of volumes. One, in the form of a quarter sphere houses the City hall. Another curvilinear volume, supported on columns above the pool contains the Council chamber. The conference room and various service are housed in the rectilinear volumes. It is constructed of reinforced concrete for the administrative offices, a reinforced concrete shell structure for council chamber, and a steel truss for the corridor.

Source: Aga Khan Trust for Culture
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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